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1.ааOkuda M, Okuda D. Star Trek Chronology: the History of the Future. New York: Pocket Books; 1993.

Journal or Magazine Article (with volume numbers)
2.ааWilcox RV. Shifting roles and synthetic women in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Stud Pop Culture. 1991;13:53-65.

Newspaper, Magazine or Journal Article (without volume numbers)
3.ааDi Rado A. Trekking through college: classes explore modern society using the world of Star Trek. Los Angeles Times. March 15, 1995:A3.

Encyclopedia Article
4.ааSturgeon T. Science fiction. In: Lorimer LT, editorial director; Cummings C, ed-in-chief; Leish KW, managing ed. The Encyclopedia Americana. Vol 24. International ed. Danbury, Conn: Grolier Incorporated; 1995:390-392.

Book Article or Chapter
5.ааJames NE. Two sides of paradise: the Eden myth according to Kirk and Spock. In: Palumbo D, ed. Spectrum of the Fantastic. Westport, Conn: Greenwood; 1988:219-223.

ERIC Document
6.ааFuss-Reineck M. Sibling Communication in Star Trek: The Next Generation: Conflicts Between Brothers. Miami, Fla: Annual Meeting of the Speech Communication Association; 1993. ERIC Document Reproduction Service ED364932.

7.ааLynch T. DSN Trials and tribble-ations review. Psi Phi: Bradley’s Science Fiction Club Web site. 1996. Available at: Accessed October 8, 1997.

Journal Article on the Internet
8.ааMcCoy LH. Respiratory changes in Vulcans during pon farr. J Extr Med [serial online]. 1999;47:237-247.Available at: Accessed April 7, 1999.


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Books: include the edition statement (ex: 3rd ed. or Rev ed.) between the title and place if it is not the first edition.

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